Why a stock moves higher

Interestingly the types of answers you get would vary widely, from a great news release to more buying than selling. Although there are those who will debate the issue, for the most part a stock moves higher when buying volume exceeds selling volume. The old law of supply and demand comes into play. Basically, if you own a stock and don't really want to sell it, what would get it out of your hands? A higher selling price, right? Right. So, if we exclude market maker games and dirty tricks, the bottom line is that a stock will gain in price when more people want the stock, than want to sell it.

But you will find the "overall market tone" is a much more accurate measure of whether a stock will go up or down on any particular day. For instance, take a look at a stock with a really great chart. Starting from the bottom left side of the chart, the stock moves up and to the right corner at a 45 degree angle right? Right, but it isn't a perfectly straight line is it? No, along the way, daily pull backs, stall outs, and one day dips are seen all over the place. So, here we have a stock that for lack of a better term is "in demand", and yet there were definitely days when profit taking hit, volume sagged, or it simply dipped on the day.

So, what is the point, you may be wondering? My point is this, "overall market tone" (feeling positive or negative) and individual sector strength is what will determine daily movements even though the overall movement for the long term is to the upside. With that thinking in mind try this one on and see how it fits: The ACME company is making money, it's growing earnings and they have made good statements about the future. A couple analysts have upgraded it and it looks good for a nice steady move higher. Well, chances are that indeed the stock is going to move higher and over the course of a number of months, it could even double its share price. But what will happen to that stock tomorrow if we wake up and the futures are down 85 points and when the opening bell rings, the market is in the toilet? We suggest ACME is going to take a hit for the day! Likewise if ACME is a "chip company" and the chip sector is down on news that DRAM prices have sagged, it probably doesn't matter that the entire market is in rally mode, ACME will probably be falling with its brothers in the chip sector.

So, when you are looking at a stock with an impressive chart and you want to get some of that stock, chances are a poor market day, or an "out of favor" sector day will give you the chance to pick up that stock a few dollars cheaper. The whole reason we are mentioning this is because "sector rotation" happens in a matter of days now. Years ago if the computer sector was in the dumps, it would be there for 3 months. Now, HWP, DELL, CPQ, can be out of favor one day and upgraded the next. That goes for chips, networkers, Internets, etc. Same with the overall market. So, buying into it on the poor market days and/or poor sector days is generally a good bet.

One of the hardest things to do is to buy a stock just minutes before the closing bell, after it has fallen a gazillion points on the day. In your mind you are thinking, "wow, this thing lost 15 points today, it may lose 15 more tomorrow", and you "could" be right. But if the stock has been moving up nicely and it dropped 15 points because the NASDAQ dropped 150 on the day, was it your stock's fault or the overall market's fault? Right, it was probably down simply because the market was down. Buying it at that depressed price was probably a good idea. When isn't it a good idea? If during a big one day fall like that the stock falls through some key support levels, or it released some type of horrible news. Either of those instances could see it fall a bunch more.

Yes, supply and demand causes individual stocks to move higher or lower in the long haul. But daily events are dominated by overall sector and market health. Remember this and it will help you enter trades at a much nicer price!

About The Author
Larry Potter is a recognized authority on the subject of trading. For a FREE report on HOW TO TRADE FAST and a 2-week trial to Stocks2Watch®, visit: http://clik.to/stocks2watch

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Motivate Your Team for Outstanding Customer Service: Six Secrets of Customer Service Motivation

by: Ed Sykes

Providing outstanding customer service is one of the most rewarding yet challenging activities within your organization. Exceptional organizations that provide outstanding customer service will experience the following benefits:

* Increased customer satisfaction
* Increased revenues
* Increased repeat and referral customer traffic
* Less employee turnover
* Increased profits

So how do we support and motivate our customer service team to give outstanding customer service? The following are six secrets to motivate your customer service team to give exceptional customer service to your customers:

1. Provide Ongoing Learning – It’s important that you not only provide training on organizational policies and technology, but also how to handle customers. Create an ongoing system for training and feedback. Request continuous feedback and have the “courage to listen” to your customer service team’s responses. Your customer service team members, because they are on the frontline, can provide you with excellent information on how to service your customer. Market conditions are changing all the time and the one piece of information your customer service team can share with you can make the difference between success and failure. After receiving the information from your customer service rep, if necessary, provide the training to your customer service team so that they can provide outstanding customer service.

2. Adjust the Attitude – Constantly work on your own attitude and your team’s attitude to providing outstanding customer service. As a customer service leader, always be aware of the tone you set and how your customer service team will be motivated by your attitude. If you are upbeat, your team will follow the lead and provide outstanding customer service. If you have a negative attitude, your customer service team will follow your lead and communicate this negative attitude to the customers they serve.

Work with your customer service team members to create a positive attitude in the following ways:

* Look at every customer service experience as a learning experience that is preparing them for future opportunities.

* Put your team in the customer’s shoes to understand the customer’s “pain” and create empathy for outstanding customer service solutions

* Have your customer service team take on the persona of a positive individual they admire to help them through a difficult customer service situation.

* Create “positive triggers” to remind your customer service team why it is important to give outstanding service. Your trigger could be as simple as a family picture or a picture of an item (new car, home, etc.) that is important to you.

3. Give Incentives – Motivate your customer service team by giving incentives based on meeting your organization’s mission, goals, and values. Be timely, fair, and public with your incentives. Also, when putting together an incentive program, ask your customer service team what they would like as incentives. Many times organizations will invest thousands of dollars on incentives which are not the ones their customer service team wants. Just ask!

4. Show Appreciation – Appreciate to motivate your customer service team as much as possible. Remember, many times they are facing very challenging customer service situations everyday. Keep them motivated by sharing your appreciation in a timely, sincere, fair, and encouraging way. For more detail on this, go to my article, Appreciate to Motivate, on my website. By consistently showing appreciation, you will motivate your customer service team to excel when it is most difficult for them to do so.

5. Support Outstanding Customer Service – Support and motivate your customer service team in a number of ways. You can support and motivate your customer service team by making sure the technology supports them and the customers. For example, I recently called my internet broadband company about a mistake on a bill. The automated system disconnected my call five times before I finally spoke with a customer service representative; and I told him that he must experience many upset customers if they experience the same. The customer service representative agreed and said it made his job very difficult.

Support your customer service team by “cheer leading” their concerns to upper management. Champion their concerns to upper management and let your customer service team know the progress of each concern.

Support and motivate your customer service team by keeping standards high for customer service. When your organization is facing challenging times, it is very tempting to lower standards. That’s the last action you should take. By lowering standards, you decrease customer satisfaction, increase customer service turnover, and muddy your organization’s name in the marketplace.

Apply these customer service motivation secrets with your customer service team and you will have highly motivated customer service teams and happy customers, and your organization’s bottom line will increase.

About The Author
Ed Sykes is a highly sought after expert, author, professional speaker, and success coach in the areas of leadership, motivation, stress management, customer service, and team building. You can e-mail him at mailto:esykes@thesykesgrp.com, or call him at (757) 427-7032. Go to his web site, http://www.thesykesgrp.com , and signup for the newsletter, OnPoint, and receive either free ebook, "Empowerment and Stress Secrets for the Busy Professional," or "Secrets of Outstanding Customer Service."

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Reverse Mortgages and the Softening Housing Market

by: Byron Warnken

This article talks about reverse mortgages in the context of the softening real estate market.

One question we have been asked is: What happens to reverse mortgages as the United States housing market weakens. It is a good question.

There is no question the United States housing market is softening. Although prices may not yet be going down, and some markets remain relatively strong, as a whole the robust gains in real estate value across the country is over. Maybe not forever, but certainly for now.

Recently, new housing starts were down 20% and the number of houses being sold has slowed year over year. Houses are sitting on the market longer and long gone are the days where sellers get 25% over their asking price within days.

So what does the softening market mean for the reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan that is not paid back until death or permanent move. Moreover, the borrower can never owe more than the value of their house. Therefore, reverse mortgage lenders must be careful with how much money they lend. The amount of money they lend is based on a number of factors. They are: borrower age, location of property and importantly, the value of the property.

The first two factors determine a percentage of the property value. So a reverse mortgage is based on the value of the property. The property value is determined by an appraisal. As the real estate market weakens, appraisals are not as high for a given property. This means that the reverse mortgage borrower receives less money.

Over time, real estate values have gone up and have gone up relatively consistently. Does this mean that real estate will always go up? No. Does it guarantee home prices will be higher five or ten years from now? No. Anyone who says, “Real estate prices may not go up as fast, but they will never go down,” is flat out wrong. While we at the http://reversemortgagepage.com do not predict real estate prices, history does not bear out that values will always increase, even in a given period of time.

Does this mean that you should rush out and get a reverse mortgage before the value of your home goes down. No. It just means that you shouldn’t assume that your home will be worth more five years from now. A reverse mortgage should be obtained when the time is optimal for your financial situation. When that time is depends on many factors. For advice on timing, turn to the Reverse Mortgage Page.

About The Author
Byron Warnken is an expert on reverse mortgages and his company owns and operates a leading website that can help you learn about Reverse Mortgages.

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Five Myths That Effect The Decision To Just Do It!

by: Judy Winslow

Whether you own a business or are responsible for generating interest in someone else’s, the topic will arise. What will I get for hiring Branding professionals? Just because big businesses have whole departments dedicated to such an endeavor, many still believe that it may not be what they need. After all, there are lots of reasons not to buy into this concept. Many of those I interact with state the following as the top five myths/objections:

MYTH #5. These people don’t know what I need

Of course, your business is unique. There are benefits to doing business with you that no one else possesses. Having a specialist will allow you to identify clearly the unique attributes your business has for the consumer and package them in a way that will attract business. That will leave you free to run and grow your business.

MYTH #4. What about the investment vs. the impact?

What amount have you deemed as a budget for this aspect of your business development? In a way, branding is something like the stock market. Only you & your professional can determine what level of risk you’re comfortable with and how to configure your investment. Will every item payoff? Perhaps, perhaps not. However, there are ways to get the most for your money, and a specialist can assist. I’m willing to bet you don’t know all the opportunities available to you, so by teaming with a professional your chances for success are greatly enhanced.

MYTH #3. They don’t understand my business.

Isn’t that great?! You now have the opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for your business with someone who can interpret that information in a way that’s easy for the average bear to digest. Voila! Now a professional can position your business in a way that an outsider can embrace, while speaking your vision unencumbered by other perspectives. That’s one heck of a great benefit!

MYTH #2. These people don’t listen to me.

Having a connection with your Professionals is essential. You wouldn’t want to visit a doctor who keeps prescribing medicine for an illness you don’t have…so if you aren’t feeling ‘heard’, you may be working with the wrong people for you. Try something else. Fast!

And the number 1 myth:

MYTH #1. I can do it myself.

Yes, you know your business better than anyone. That said, you really can’t do it yourself and also grow a healthy business that realizes your vision and provides the life you deserve. Furthermore, why would you want to? Go play more golf or be with your kids. Just like a doctor, lawyer or personal trainer, your Branding Professionals provide an invaluable service that is key to your success. Just be sure to evaluate their efforts as you would any other part of your strategy for success.

So, I ask you - If branding and marketing isn’t all that big a deal, why do Nike, Coke, Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks and countless others put so much energy and funding into their programs? Keeping your brand highly visible does affect growth and profits. Have fun & create a Brand!

About The Author
With a strong focus on Branding, award winning graphic abilities, plus a marketing and business development background in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Judy Winslow offers her clients a unique perspective. She is committed to assisting people worldwide in their personal and professional growth. Her result oriented processes have enabled companies of all sizes to grow and her diverse clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups seeking specialized branding and innovative communications strategies. All of her work is customized to fit the needs and vision of her clients to ensure their sound success. Contact her at http://BrightPointeInfo.com or judywins@mac.com.

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Business Success is Influence!

by: Rosemary Hossenlopp

Do you feel frustrated when sales prospects don’t return your calls? Does your anxiety about paying your bills give off a I’m frantic to get a sale look?

When you are successful business owner you have a platform to position your product or service with more people. Doors then open to client opportunities. You sell more when your platform is working for you. You can raise your rates and finally have money to go on vacation.

How do you get a platform?

Business success is influence. Influence gives you a voice in your industry. Influence gives you customers that listen. Warning: Influence is not a one-minute sales tip. The proven first step to more influence is to understand how you serve your customer. This requires tough introspection. You need to be serious about serving your customer. Many guru’s call this your unique selling proposition. Many professors call this a point of view. But they don’t tell you that you need to first serve your customer with passion and purpose. If you serve your customers first, you will have success. Profits will follow excellent customer service!

Proven Advice for Understanding your Business Purpose

Increase Your Business Platform Tip One. Understand your primary purpose for serving your client. You could serve clients by increasing their profitability when you are a business selling to another business (B2B). This allows the clients CEO to tame a nasty board of directors. To make this clear to your customers, clearly state the business purpose in your statement of work, in your presentation of information and your action plan. Have a single minded focus on your purpose; to increase their revenue! You could also sell your services to other businesses to decrease their operating costs. This allows them to crush their competition. Your key business purpose for the engagement is a gigantic personal benefit to these key decision makers. They will invite you back again for another engagement if you make them look good.

Easy Ways to Increase your Business Passion

Increase Your Business Platform Tip Two. Understand your key reason you wake up in the morning to serve your customer. Document your key passion. This could become your mission statement. It is a statement of who you are that will attract clients to you. For example, you could enhance customer’s lives in some measurable and tangible way when you are a business selling to customers (B2C).Write down three specific ways that your customers feel as a result of an interaction with your product or service. You may provide information that transforms their thinking which has a benefit of less stress. You may cause them to be more physically vibrant causing them to live life more alive. You can bring them more financial prosperity that increases their confidence about facing their future. These benefits rock! Write your reason down today.

When you don’t understand how to build of platform of business success and influence……. you are missing out. You make your customers miss out. On what? You! Your product or service benefits them and if you do not have a platform for success, you can not enrich the lives of those you serve.

Write down how you serve your customer with passion. Drive all your business activities to this sole purpose. This guarantees that you will have a platform to position your product or service with more people.

Rosemary Hossenlopp © 2006 All Rights Reserved

About The Author
Rosemary Hossenlopp, MBA provides proven business advice to Small Business Owners. If you are ready to start accelerating your business, then we have free tips here. Go here right now. http://www.BusinessSuccessPlan.com.

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How to Get Better Leads with Your Business Cards

by: Robb Beltran

You may have a million dollars to spend on buying and rehabbing houses, but if nobody knows who you are or where you work or what you do it's all for nothing. A business card is your mini-billboard; remember that.

The easiest and cheapest way to generate leads are business cards. It's amazing how many so-called investors and realtors have told me they don't have one. After years of hitting the pavement and spending money on expensive marketing tools and campaigns here are a few cheap marketing ideas that continually keep the phone and Internet mailbox busy. You may laugh at some, but if they work for you, you can laugh yourself to the bank. I know I do.

It all begins with your business card.

Get some cards now! You need two kinds of cards. One of the cards will be for face to face meetings with clients, bankers attorneys etc...the other will be printed up for the sole purpose of mass distribution. Make sure you use both sides for both card examples. Once someone drops your card and it ends up face down it does you absolutely no good. Give someone a reason to pick it up.

The front should include your logo, company name, web address, phone number and fax. The back should include what you do, how you do it and why they should call you. Example: "We buy Houses Cash! We will have a cash offer in front of you in 48 hours or less. Stop foreclosure, save your credit." Make sure to include your phone number and web address again.

Face to face cards will be used for meetings with clients, bankers attorneys etc... These cards should be professionally made and brightly colored. Make sure to include your logo, company name, web address, phone number and fax.

The mass distribution one can be professionally made as well, but I can print 20 cards a page with my laser printer and run 100 out in a matter of minutes that will get the same message across. Try to keep the colors the same and most of the entire message. These cards you will literally drop or place everywhere.

The number one location to leave your card and where I literally receive the most calls from is the men’s room at the courthouse. Laugh out loud, but every time you are there doing research or appearing at eviction court you should leave one on every urinal and inside every stall and bench. Think about who goes to court. Motivated sellers going through, probate, divorce, bankruptcy, landlords getting beat up in eviction court and so on. You may laugh, but it gets results.

The rest of these locations and tips should be obvious, but if they're not, get to it because you are missing an opportunity.

Before you hit it though make sure to get yourself some tacks. Sometimes there are areas that don't have any then you may be out of luck. Ready?

Restaurants- Every time you eat out leave one at the table with your tip. Leave one in the fish bowl for a free meal and one at the cashier’s podium. Remember you're printing these for almost nothing and you never know who will pick it up. At fast food restaurants leave one above the trash bin inside or at the soft drink station.

Banks- Leave a card in the waiting area and the counter where you balance your checkbook.

Post Office- Leave a card on the counter where you fill out all the post office forms.

Offices: Lawyers, Doctors, dentists etc... Leave a card in the waiting area by the magazines. Give them something to want to read.

Bulletin Boards- Hit every gas and sip, grocery store and laundry mat in your town that has a bulletin board. Make it a weekly thing to check if it or they are still up.

If you want to buy houses for profit you have to buy from motivated sellers. The only way to capitalize on this is by having motivated sellers calling you more often than you are calling them. Less work for more profit equals more marketing.

About The Author
Robb Beltran is an active real estate investor and publisher of the Real Estate Info Network. The Real Estate Info Network promotes real estate education through real estate seminars, e-books and real estate investing courses.


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Catch a Gideon Launched

Catch a Gideon is up on it's new domain! Check it out at www.catchAGideon.com.

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The Key to Wealth: Don’t Work Alone

by: Matt Bacak

What is happening in the business world today? Will the job you have now always be available or are you at risk of being laid off at any time? The world today has seen many corporate mergers and fallouts. Relying on a company pension or retirement fund has become a thing of the past. Company layoffs and downsizing has become commonplace. The only thing you can truly count on now is yourself.

The corporate world was different in the past. Employees would work for the same company their entire life. A retirement fund would be available when they retired. You found a job and you were set for life. This is no longer the case. The corporate world has intense control over your life. They can lay you off at any time. They make your decisions for you.

With the proper knowledge and tools, you can step out of the corporate world and control your own life. You can become a millionaire. Does this seem impossible? Well, it’s not. Take the statistic that 2,740 new millionaires are created each day! These millionaires built their own wealth and didn’t find it in the corporate world. Did you know that the number of Lottery millionaires + number of Lawsuit millionaires + Entertainment millionaires + Sports millionaires = less than 1% of all millionaires? Surprising, isn’t it?

In addition, 80% of millionaires have little or no education. These millionaires understand how to structure their business to create wealth. They didn’t learn this information in the standard school system. They learned it from mentors, coaches, and successful millionaires.

Anyone can become part of this millionaires club if you know what to do. It is vital to understand that to create wealth you must not work alone. Two heads are better then one. Following are three reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to build wealth on your own.

Don’t Work Alone Reason #1: Direction

You need guidance otherwise you will waste both time and money. Think about it. You might work for a year using a system that you think will be successful. When in fact the system you are using is obsolete, inefficient, and won’t yield you profits. Therefore, you need to find a mentor or coach to guide you through the process.

Don’t Work Alone Reason #2: Support and Friendships

Working with others to build wealth pushes you higher. You will definitely encounter people who tell you that building wealth is impossible and you can’t do it. You need the support and friendships of like minded people to overcome these negative opinions. Remember, it’s your duty and right to make building wealth your passion.

Don’t Work Alone Reason #3: Come together with brain power.

Working with others can give you new ideas. For example, you can find someone with a different business or service and combine your complementary services together. Also working with people who are more successful then you are can drive and motivate you to accomplish more.

So what are you waiting for? Act now and find a mentor or coach to help you succeed.

About The Author
Matt Bacak became "#1 Best Selling Author" in just a few short hours. Recent Entrepreneur Magazine's e-Biz radio show host is turning Authors, Speakers, and Experts into Overnight Success Stories. Discover The Secrets To Unleash The Powerful Promoter In You! Sign up for Matt Bacak's Promoting Tips Ezine ($100 value) just visit his website at http://www.promotingtips.com or http://www.powerfulpromoter.com.

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Your Business May Benefit From A Point of Sale System

by: Morgan Hamilton

Probably the most energetic and enterprising individuals live in the United States. So many Americans nowadays invest their savings with the hope that they will start a lucrative small business. They do it with hope and passion, powerfully attracted by the world of small business. Statistics show that in 2004 in the USA there were 24.7 million small businesses. What is more important is that for the last ten years, small businesses have supplied around 60-80 percent of the new jobs in the country. Before you decide to start a retail business, rent a space, or buy inventory, you should develop a business plan. For this purpose, you may have to spend some time researching on the advantages of a point of sale system.

You will find out that on the market there are different versions of a point of sale system. However, probably the most approachable and easy point of sale system is the one that Microsoft offers. This point of sale system is based on the Windows framework. That is what makes this point of sale system approachable as most of us have grown up using Windows.

POS system is the abbreviation, which is usually used to refer to a retail point of sale system. A point of sale system helps small business, as well as large businesses, to rationalize their daily activities. A point of sale system can make even a large project easier to realize. A point of sale system will allow you to manage large databases in order to make your business more profitable. Some years ago, retailers used 10-digit registers, plug-in calculators, and carbon copy credit card receipts. This time is gone. Now, it is the age of point of sale system.

The contemporary point of sale system makes no difference with the regular personal computer. Point of sale system has every function that a desktop computer has and more. With a point of sale system, a businessperson will be able to ring up transactions, make payments, and manage inventory and print reports. Sales can be sorted and showed by day, by product, by cashier and by the hour. You can easily print labels for shelves, and price tags for products. Databases can be sorted like clients’ databases, department databases, item databases, and supplier databases. Even purchases can be tracked.

The point of sale system can be networked so that everyone will be able to share ideas, send messages and so on. In addition, if you wish receipts, labels and calendars can be designed. When you need them, summary sales reports, detailed sales reports and regional sales reports can be printed. Contemporary retail business is almost impossible without a retail point of sale system. It is hard for me even to imagine what business was when point of sale system does not exist.

Any operation nowadays will be very difficult to perform without a point of sale system. A point of sale system will save you all the paper work you are obliged to do. No matter if you are managing one store, ten stores, or one hundred you cannot miss to take a point of sale system.

About The Author
Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning sales. Get more information by visiting http://www.salesandcommerce.com/sales/sales--commerce/your-business-may-benefit-from-a-point-of-sale-system.html.

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What Makes You An Expert Anyway?

by: Kristie Tamsevicius

A few months ago, my husband wanted to learn more about using real estate to build our wealth. So, he hopped on our computer, visited web sites, looked at discussion boards, and scanned newsletters to see who the real experts were. After asking around and doing some research, he was impressed with William Bronchick and John T. Reed's for their advice and strategies. On the other hand, while there is a lot of hype about Robert Kiyosaki, when it came right down to it, people said his information was mostly inspirational and lacked practical strategies. So after getting a better sense of who the real experts were, he was off to get some books and start building our family fortune.

Have you bought any good books lately? If so, what inspired you to buy the book? Chances are that you didn't just browse around in a bookstore and buy a book on the spot. I'll bet that there were a lot of exposures that went into you deciding to make that purchase. You may have read about the book in a newsletter. Perhaps you saw the author on a television show. Much of our decision purchases come down to one decision: does the author have real credibility?

The same is when speaker's bureaus and corporations want to hire speakers. Let's face it, meeting planners want to look good.

Budgets are tight. They want an expert who delivers measurable results.

No one will risk hiring you unless you have a proven reputation and the credentials to back it up.

This puts authors and speakers in a defensive position. With so many consultants, authors, and speakers claiming to be gurus, how can you prove that you are the expert you say you are?

Here are three ways to you showcase your expertise and be irresistible.

=> METRICS: Personal brand metrics provide a yardstick from which prospects can measure your experience and expertise. Examples of metrics include the number of years of experience you have, number of interviews done, number of books sold, and other items. These numbers add instant credibility to your bio, media platform and other marketing materials.

=> ROI: A listing of results achieved for clients shows that what you preach brings measurable results for real people. You can feature work with one of your clients in a case study with before and after results. By showing that you have made a $10,000 difference to their bottom line, helped them realize a 25% increase in sales, or tripled their web site traffic, anyone can see that you deliver proven results.

=> TESTIMONIALS. While people may doubt when we toot our own horn, they will readily believe a heartfelt recommendation. Collect and showcase testimonials from customers you have worked with, people who have read your book, and audience members who have seen you speak.

Letters from radio show hosts will position you as a good guest in the eyes of producers. Glowing words of praise from people who hired you to speak can go a long way to show potential decision makers that deliver one heck of a presentation. Post book reviews from the media on your web site. Or why not use your customer's own spoken word as a recording on your web site?

About The Author
Kristie Tamsevicius turns entrepreneurs into the lavishly paid, in-demand experts in their field. Learn how to attract customers & gain visibility while successfully promoting your business online with our FREE report "Web Branding Secrets" at http://www.brandingonthenet.com/branding1.htm.

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